satlantic suna deep


The Deep SUNA nitrate sensor is the ultimate solution for monitoring nitrate concentrations with AUV's in deep ocean environments.

Satlantic has introduced the Deep SUNA to the line of leading edge UV nitrate sensors. Based on the proven MBARI-ISUS nitrate sensor, the Deep SUNA has been redesigned for easy integration with AUVs of all types. Deep SUNA provides real time, chemical-free nitrate calculations in deep ocean environments using Satlantic’s advanced UV absorption technology.

Deep SUNA features include:

  • Real time nitrate calculation
  • Full UV spectrum for maximum accuracy
  • Real-time temperature/salinity compensation
  • Easy to use UCI software package
  • Simple software based in-field calibrations
  • Corrosion proof anodized aluminum housing with 2000 m depth rating

For AUV integration details, please ask about our third party integration experience. If you have any questions, please contact