ISUS V3 Nitrate Sensor


ISUS V3 nitrate sensor is a real time, chemical free sensor designed to overcome the traditional challenges associated with reagent-based nitrate analysis in aquatic environments.

Configure and control all aspects of your Satlantic ISUS with ISUSCom, and easy-to-use graphical program that lets you:

  • configure ISUS for deployment
  • transfer data files at full USB speed
  • set sampling schedules
  • perform field calibrations
  • visualize and capture data in real-time
  • post-process previously logged data files

For more information, check out the ISUS Manual or download and install ISUSCom today.

Download ISUSCom 2.1.6

Released April 18, 2013

ISUSCom 2.1.6 now comes with a handy terminal input for issuing serial commands directly to ISUS. It also fixes a time zone calculation error that was appearing in the output of the raw data conversion function. The USB driver and operating platform have been updated to ensure full compatibility with Windows 8.

Please note that ISUSCom 2.1.6 requires a current version of the ISUS V3 firmware, which will be uploaded to your instrument when the software is installed. If your instrument is running firmware versions 3.0.3 or older, please contact Satlantic for assistance.

File ISUSCom-2.1.6-b98-x86.exe for Microsoft Windows