Observing Systems

The ultimate answer to the need for automated, robust and accurate water quality measurements, particularly in sensitive and diverse ecological areas such as estuaries and inland waters.
A versatile platform for measuring the apparent optical properties of shallow water and designed to interchange Satlantic's hyperspectral or multispectral optical sensors.
Designed for long-term coastal and freshwater environmental data logging
Specifically designed for long-term coastal and freshwater environmental data logging. Its rugged design, compact size, file management capabilities and low sleep current requirements make it ideal for remote systems.
Bolt-on biogeochemical sensors are now available from Sea-Bird Scientific.
The Bioshutter II is an autonomous underwater shutter attachment designed for use with Satlantic radiometers.
The Navis BGCi offers a profiling float with an integrated data stream for a suite of biogeochemical sensors.
Satlantic has designed a series of submersible battery packs to support long-term deployments of our sensors and systems.