All Satlantic instruments are shipped with easy to use software for instrument setup, data logging and processing.  Each software product is custom built for the various tasks that are typically performed.  With over two decades experience working with scientists to collect and process data from advanced instruments in harsh aquatic environments, our professional software development team has created the most user-friendly, efficient and intuitive suite of software in the industry.

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UCI is a graphical software application that makes setup, operation, and in-field reference checks easy and robust. UCI is the recommended software for interacting with HydroCAT, HydroCAT-EP, and SUNA. [Note this takes you to]
The SeaFETâ„¢ Ocean pH Sensor comes complete with SeaFETCom, an interactive graphic software application that provides all the tools necessary to configure and operate your SeaFETâ„¢ pH sensor for any deployment scenario.
Satlantic STORXCom software is a graphical application for managing STOR-X and LOBO data logging systems. It provides point-and-click data retrieval, scheduling, and configuration, all via the USB interface.
FIReCom is an easy-to-use software application for configuring and controlling all aspects of In Situ FIRe, and for interactively setting up experiments, collecting data, and analyzing results.
SatView is a real-time interactive data logging and display application for use with Satlantic radiometers. SatView makes it easy to connect to your Satlantic instruments and view time series, spectral plots, and depth profiles while capturing data for subsequent conversion and post-processing.
SatCon is a software utility for converting raw binary data, as logged by SatView, into readable ASCII text suitable for import by third party applications such as spreadsheets or databases. Data can be extracted in calibrated physical units or raw binary counts.
ProSoft is an interactive graphical data processing and extraction application for Satlantic sensors. It is highly configurable with optional batch mode operation and a rich user interface.
ISUSCom is a complete configuration and operation program for the Satlantic ISUS V3 nitrate sensor.

LOBOviz is a web based data management and visualization package for LOBO buoy systems. This real-time power gives system users rapid and easy access to the LOBO network to help make informed decisions.