The SUNA V2 UV nitrate sensor is the ultimate chemical-free solution for autonomous monitoring of nitrogen-based nutrient concentrations in ocean, estuarine and high turbidity freshwater environments.

NOTE: Newer firmware 2.5.1 available here.


  • Universal real-time nitrate processing algorithm*
  • Titanium Housing
  • Adaptive sampling intelligence
  • Accuracy and stability over range of a wide environmental conditions
  • 10 mm pathlength
  • Serial data output and a 500 meter depth rating.
  • SUNACom Windows / Mac software

*Class based freshwater calibration stock. Specific calibration must be added (freshwater, seawater, high range freshwater).

A Versatile UV Nitrate Sensor for Operation in Diverse Environments

The SUNA V2 (Submersible Ultraviolet Nitrate Analyzer) is a chemical-free UV nitrate sensor based on the ISUS (In Situ Ultraviolet Spectroscopy) UV nitrate measurement technology developed at MBARI. Satlantic has adapted the technology to develop the SUNA V2 to measure nitrate in increasingly more challenging environments including extremely turbid and high CDOM conditions. With improved optics and built-in logic intelligence, the SUNA V2 measures nitrate with industry leading accuracy and stability over a wide range of environmental conditions, from blue-ocean nitraclines to storm runoff in rivers and streams.

The SUNA V2 is the ultimate solution for real-time nutrient monitoring. Every SUNA V2 now comes with our proven universal real-time nitrate processing algorithm, which has been upgraded to include adaptive sampling intelligence that automatically adjusts for signal strength. Also included in every SUNA V2 is a 10 mm pathlength, a class based nitrate calibration, serial data output and a 500 meter depth rating.In addition to these standard features, a wide range of optional features provide the ability to customize the instrument to meet your specific research and deployment needs.

Optional Features

  • Reduced 5mm pathlength for high turbidity environments
  • Active fouling control
  • Internal data logging and scheduling with 2 GB memory
  • FullFreshwater & seawater calibrations
  • USB communications and data download
  • SDI-12 interface